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Roseanne Barr and Laura Ingraham Battle Liberal Elites


Well that didn't take long.

My prediction was made in this space on October 28, 2017. The headline: "Laura Ingraham: New Fox Star, New Left-Wing Target."

In which I said the following of the Fox announcement that Laura Ingraham- she the radio talker, ex-Reagan staffer, Justice Clarence Thomas Supreme Court clerk and all-around conservative superstar – would be hosting a new Fox opinion show at 10 pm weekdays. I wrote:

"This is the strategy of the Left. Since they can't make the arguments for their side, the answer is to take out the stars of conservative media. Ruin their careers. If possible destroy their lives. Beck and Dobbs and Rush yesterday, Hannity or Tucker today. And now that Laura arrives on the scene with her own prime time show following on the heels of Sean Hannity's? Start sharpening the knives.

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