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How Big Tech's Siren Song Of Seduction Is Leading To Technocratic Tyranny

•, By Peter Tocci

Could Mayor Dean Mazzarella's heartwarming editorial in the Jan. 11 Leominster Champion,"A lesson in the American Dream," have revealed an interesting characteristic of his? Is he looking through a pair of rose-colored magnifying glasses?

Referring to the obituary of Gerard Poirier, Mazzarella suggests that the lives of people who work(ed) in blue-collar jobs, in one place for decades, remind us of "the purpose of why our country was founded."

"The American dream can be realized by ordinary hardworking, law-abiding, kind people."

At a funeral attended by the mayor, the priest said the deceased "wants to be remembered for always being good to his employees." This, says Mazzarella, gives us an unconventional view of "success."

The foregoing brought to mind a letter of mine that ran in the Champion very nearly a year before, "How much of what we 'know' is propaganda?" (Jan. 6, 2017).