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Theoretical progress on producing and storing several grams of antimatter per year

•, brian wang

It was an effort by Dr. Gerald Jackson. He has an antimatter drive website which has an outline of the steps needed for working out how to produce and store several grams of antiprotons each year.

The current belief is that freezing it as anti-lithium or anti-carbon would make it easier to handle. Gerald Jackson has made progress on the steps to produce anti-lithium and anti-carbon and to store it.

Before entering the private sector in the autumn of 2000, Dr. Gerald Jackson was an accelerator physicist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory for 14 years. He received his doctorate in Physics from Cornell University in 1987. His thesis committee included Nobel Prize winner Kenneth Wilson, and his thesis advisor was one of a long line of influential physicists, including Robert Wilson (Manhattan Project and Founder of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory) and Ernest Lawrence (Nobel Prize winner and inventor of the cyclotron).