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The Truth About David Hogg & His Family --

• by Tony Elliott

David Hogg, the latest poster boy for gun control since the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, wreaks with government sponsorship in every way possible from appearing in an initial interview flubbing his scripted lines to seemingly organizing, on his own, anti-gun rallies by students across the country. The biggest question is, how did David Hogg have a script ready to read directly after the shooting? This fact clearly shows he knew beforehand that this incident was going to happen.

There is also the flawless effort by Hogg in getting students across the country organized within hours to protest guns and the Second Amendment. Here, Hogg seems to be an expert at organizing communities for a cause as well as having unlimited funds to be able to pull it off.

Supposedly, his dad is a retired FBI agent, yet his name isn't mentioned hardly at all in any press or news articles. The closest we get is a Kevin Hogg, 51, who was a Navy pilot, worked for the FBI, and was an elementary school teacher currently living in the Orlando area. As usual, with factious individuals, we get conflicting backgrounds, work history, and more than one individual concrete possibility of who they may actually be. Kevin is said to have retired from the FBI in 2014, which would make him a part of the Obama Dictatorship's FBI that wants Donald Trump out of office.