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Must-see SURVIVAL medicine: How to treat infections without antibiotics …


(Natural News) Through a special arrangement with The Food Grow Network and, we've made a lifesaving how-to video available to you for three days only, beginning today.

It's called "Treating Infections Without Antibiotics" and it shows you how to make your own potent antibiotics for emergency survival situations, or when pharmaceutical antibiotics become useless (due to superbugs) or unavailable (social chaos or collapse).

This how-to video is available for free viewing for three days only: Feb. 20 – 22, 2018.

The wisdom you'll learn in this video can potentially save your life in any of the following situations:

When prescription antibiotics become useless because of widespread superbug resistance.

In times of economic collapse or social chaos, where medicine supply lines are obliterated (see Venezuela for examples).

When you're off grid, far from a pharmacy, and need emergency antibiotics without delay.

You want to be more self-reliant and learn how to grow your own natural medicine, without relying on the corrupt Big Pharma medical racket that routinely bribes doctors and suppresses natural medicine.

Watch the video TODAY, at this link. (If the link gives you an error message, try again a few minutes later, we've already seen problems due to the heavy response for this free viewing…)

You'll learn how to treat things like:


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Even superbugs like MRSA, which are immune to nearly all prescription antibiotics (Big Pharma has failed humanity… if you want to survive a superbug infection, you'll need to look outside the corrupt chemical medical system…)