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Tinder Charged Older People More, Court Rules Age Discrimination


Say goodbye to your senior discounts, no cover lady's nights, and free entry for children.

Unless of course, you think the latest court ruling on discrimination won't be applied evenly…

The popular dating app Tinder allows you to swipe a user's picture left to reject a potential match, and swipe right in the hopes that they do the same and you match.

The app is free. But there is a premium version that gives extra bonuses like swiping in a city that you are not currently located in, or the ability to go back if you accidentally swipe left on a hottie.

Turns out, they charged users ages 30+ $19.99 per month, and under 30 year olds just $9.99 per month.

Of course they got sued because that's what people do in 21st century America.

An appeals court actually said in their decision that they "swipe left." Cute. They said Tinder cannot charge different rates based on the age of a user because that constitutes age discrimination.

But what is not cute is that businesses are forced to operate by politically correct standards.

What is the difference between Tinder's pricing structure and giving discounted tickets to events to children under a certain age?

Events and theme parks want parents to fork over more money. Charging the same for kids as adults would disincentivize attendance which means fewer customers.

Tinder wants to incentivize younger users to use their premium service. If you're older and that makes you mad, no one is forcing you to use Tinder, or pay for their premium subscription.

What about car insurance and rentals. They base their data on statistics and charge younger people more money. Should we all have to pay more in the name of age discrimination?