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Stockpile Challenge: The Final Check-In


Here we are in the home stretch of the Stockpile Challenge! Lots of us have been living off our supplies for nearly a month. And with just a few more days to go, we've really put our stockpiles to the test.

For this check-in, I asked:

How's it going?

What are you out of?

What have you learned?

Have there been any surprises?

What's on your list to add to the stockpile?

I really look forward to hearing how you're doing if you aren't in the Facebook group, so please share in the comments below.

Here's what people had to say about the Stockpile Challenge.

Here are the observations of the group.

When I started, I was a little concerned – we haven't lived in this house for long so I wondered if we would have what we needed. It's gone surprisingly well. We still have quite a bit of stuff in the freezer and full pantry shelves. I haven't had to break into the longterm supplies aside from milk. This has impressed upon me the importance of growing food year round, even if it's just greens and sprouts on the windowsill. I'll be adding more fruits and veggies to the cold room. That has been a true lifesaver!

One more week to go, the food storage is still going. I did some shopping for our school and work needs. Also did buy some natural supplements and medications after depleting our original supply at the beginning of the month. I've got our meals planned for February, so we can make a bigger dent in the freezer inventory. My pantry looks a little less crowded but still standing. This has been a great challenge. Looking forward to the next practice.

Bad news is: I'm going shopping on Sunday.
Good news is: I'm shopping on Sunday.
But I'm planning to shop for the next 4 weeks armed with what I've learned.

 I really got 'over' my automatic reflex to go food shopping every week for the same things. I thought I always needed to have bananas around, for example. I've gone 4 weeks without shopping for food; I've learned to take advantage of a few barters for things I wanted; I learned to manage disappointment when a 'barter' fell through; and I've still got Medjool dates (I like 1-2 after dinner); the tortilla bag is still 1/3 full; I've still got cereal, frozen chicken, eggs, carrots, frozen green beans/peas/ corn, butternut squash, a few yogurts, and LOTS of dried goods that I never even touched. This experience has forced me out of my comfort zone which has been incredibly important! I used more canned goods than I typically go, but that's ok. (Still, I can't wait for my first banana!)