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China Building 'Super Laser' That Can Rip Holes In Space

• By Anthony Blair

Super-lasers have application in weather modification, terrestrial warfare and space warfare, and China can be expected to dominate all three.  ? TN Editor

Boffins in Shanghai, China, have been designing the world's most powerful laser.

The team has already made history with its earlier invention, the Shanghai Superintense Ultrafast Laser Facility have already set records.

The machine is small enough to fit on a tabletop, and contains a disc, the width of a frisbee, which is made of titanium-topped sapphires.

But this small device, by pushing light through the crystal and refracting it off a series of mirrors and lenses, is able to produce unbelievable amounts of power.

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Old movies about Atlantis show this kind of device, even though the movie-makers had no idea that the thing they portrayed could actually work like they suggested. If such a laser can rip holes in space, parallel universe theory suggests that they will only be ripping into other universes this way. The dangers are immense, beyond the dangers of the hydrogen bomb. They don't know what they are playing with, just like some of the things of CERN are extremely dangerous in a different way.

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