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'Flat Earther' Gets Another Opportunity To Launch Himself Into The Air...

•, Mac Slavo

A "flat-earther" is one who believes the Earth is flat.  And "Mad" Mike Hughes is so determined to prove the Earth is flat, he's going to launch himself into the air in a homemade rocket.

You may remember Hughes.  His little stunt to "prove Earth is flat" was put on hold when the government found out about it and decided to shut down his project.  But now, Hughes has set a new date to launch himself into orbit in a homemade rocket after his previous attempt was thwarted by a US federal agency.

Hughes, a limousine driver and self-described daredevil revealed on his Facebook page that he will carry out the vertical rocket launch on February 3 from the originally intended location of Amboy, California. Perhaps one of the biggest problems with this launch, it Hughes is only going 1800 feet up.  Planes can go higher than that.