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Non-urgent health care services being put on hold across the UK as state-run health care ...

• by Lance Johnson

State officials have instructed hospitals across the country to delay non-emergency procedures and only deal with emergency patients first. About 55,000 operations are to be put on hold in January as England's health system goes into full rationing mode. 

There aren't enough hospital beds or staff to accommodate the mounting pressure of a sick and dying population.

Historically, socialized health care systems that initially promise to care for all people, end up turning people away by the thousands. There is no guarantee that someone will be there to care for you when you need it. This kind of system doesn't prioritize health self-reliance and therefore become overburdened by dependent patients looking for help that is merely just false hope. The demand for hospital care is also driven by the great deception of flu vaccines, which have spawned a weakened, malnourished populace, prone to mutating pathogens.