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The Answer to Illegal Immigration Is Property Rights

• by Logan Albright

Some argue that freedom of mobility is a fundamental human right and that therefore any restriction on immigration is unjust. Others claim that a nation has a right to protect its borders. Still others eschew theoretical arguments in favor of pragmatism, pointing to the problems Europe is experiencing after having imported a large number of immigrants and refugees from the Middle East with customs and religions foreign to their own. 

Consensus is elusive, even as unmeasured quantities of ink continue to be spilled arguing over what is to be done with all those pesky immigrants. For a long time now, the solution has seemed to me to be an obvious one, and yet one that I rarely, if ever, see put into words. I hope now to rectify that with my proposal for an immigration policy based on a traditional understanding of property rights.

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Comment by PureTrust
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In the USA, the answer to ALL law is property rights. If some government official invokes some statute in such a way that it harms your property (your body), he must show how you or your property harmed someone else. That’s it. Period. If he doesn’t show that you or your property harmed another man or woman, he is harming you without cause. Sue him for damages. This goes for all people, illegal aliens as well as citizens and residents. Property rights are above all law. The only thing that might outweigh this is REAL THREAT of harm, which has to be proven.