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The Trump Monster


I don't often comment on specific world leaders or isolated political events, choosing instead to look at the big picture as much as possible and what it may mean to the reader's future.

However, I've repeatedly been asked to comment on the liberal press (worldwide, but particularly in the US) reporting false news regarding Donald Trump.

This, of course, is an ongoing trend, but the reports appear to be increasing in frequency, severity of criticism and, indeed, pettiness.

The image shown above is a good example. Mister Trump is seen dumping fish food to some koi in Japan. The liberal press berated him for this "crude and murderous act." They stated that Prime Minister Shinz? Abe looked on in horror as he did this, since, as most people know, it's easy to overfeed pet fish and kill them.

In actual fact, it was Mister Abe who first dumped his box of food to the fish. Mister Trump simply followed his lead… but that part of the video had been removed by the liberal media, in order to unfairly discredit Mister Trump.

Of course, this report in the liberal media is extremely easy to debunk, merely by showing the entire sequence of events.

As these reports on liberal television news networks are becoming increasingly frequent and yet increasingly transparent, non-liberals are increasingly stating that the liberal media is becoming so discredited as a result of "fake news" that it may soon self-destruct, as their viewers will surely abandon them in favour of honest reporting.

Nothing could be more incorrect.

The critics of the liberal media, of course, are looking at the situation from their own point of view, rather than from the point of view of liberals. If they were to do the latter, it would become apparent that the trend by the liberal media is, in fact, highly successful and sustainable.

In attempting to understand where this trend is headed, it might be helpful for those opposed to the liberal media to begin with the following assumptions:

It doesn't matter if the story is false

It doesn't matter if the conservative media is able to expose the falsification

It doesn't matter if liberals learn of the exposés

At present, the US may well be in a state of the greatest political polarization in its history. This has been created by both the liberal and conservative media.