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Millionaire Heiress Crusades Against Freedom to Spend Your Own Money


In response to the tax bill which will lead to a lot more money in her pocket, Abigail Disney, heiress to the Walt Disney Company fortune, said she would be donating that tax break to a worthy cause of her choosing.

No, wait. That's not it at all. She got in front of a camera and made a video complaining that other wealthy people and corporations won't be forced to keep handing over quite as much of their money to the government now.

The video by Now This, which has 29 million views on Facebook as of today, features Disney trying to rile everyone up about how she and her private jet-owning friends will be taxed at a lower rate, how she can pass on assets tax-free to her children, and that health insurance won't be forced on people when the individual mandate goes away in 2019.

"I know that we heard that the swamp was getting drained," she says, "but given how this bill was written, I think it's looking a lot like a nightmare from 'Pirates of the Caribbean.'"

Even more telling than Disney's cringe-worthy product placement jokes are the comments by viewers, arguing the merits or downsides of the particular tax plan, and engaging in ad hominem attacks, economic projections, and general complaints about "the wealthy."

Sure, we could bicker about the exact way and amount we are taxed, picking apart the arguments Disney made in her video. For example, can she really say she is getting a "huge handout from Congress" if it was her money to begin with?

Can we conclude that "we know that wealth does not trickle down," or should we ask one of the Walt Disney Company's 195,000 employees, none of whom were earning a living off of Walt and Roy when the brothers were in "near-total poverty in the rural midwest"?

What exactly does Disney think is the right percentage to be taxed?

But these small details about who should owe what are exactly what the powers in government want us to be quibbling about. What Disney should actually be infuriated about, what she should "hope I'm making you angry" about, is that the ruling elite gets to make decisions about how her money is spent. They get to take it from the person who has it and use it in ways they see fit, to fund their pet projects, reward their donors, buy votes, and pad their wallets.

"No one who votes for this tax bill will be voting with your life in mind," Disney said. "But you will pay for it."