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Saudi Arabia Just Released a Video Detailing How They Plan to Start WW3


In an ominous move that could signal the start of World War 3 if it is carried out, Saudi Arabian media is promoting a video that shows a simulation of Saudi Arabia invading and conquering Iran.

The video was published by Al-Riyadh, a pro-Saudi government newspaper, with the headline "Saudi Deterrence—Film embodies the prestige of the armed forces." According to the website's automatic translation from Arabic to English, the purpose of the video was to "mimic the reality, the prestige of the Saudi Armed Forces, and its deterrents against foreign ambitions, especially Iranian threats."

"The film explores several important [pieces of] information about the deterrent system that Saudi Arabia has by land, sea and air. The 5-minute film tells the operational reality of how the Saudi Armed Forces operate in managing the military system in general. The video reveals the latest weapons system of the armed forces, such as weapons, aircraft, ships and tanks of quality and strategy."

The newspaper claimed that video was created by "young people from Saudi Arabia." It starts by showing a large ship with a Saudi Arabian flag attacking several small boats with Iranian flags.


After the Iranian boats are completely destroyed, the video moves to the Saudi Armed Forces' control center, where operatives begin launching surface-to-air missiles and airstrikes targeting military bases and buildings in Iran.