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I tried to find a way to stand up for Al Franken. Really.


His politics were one of those reasons — though not in the way some folks might think. reports "Franken has refused to provide voters with positions on key issues covered by the 2014 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests." But so far as I can tell Franken pretty much toes today's standard Socialist-globalist line, favoring open borders, which means unlimited entry for Muslims to build minarets on our town greens and blow us up at random, along with lots more illegals of all stripes to "chain migrate" a half-dozen more dependent family members each, all of whom to then be granted amnesty and encouraged to vote Democrat forever.

So far as I can tell he favors even more unconstitutional victim disarmament ("gun control"), "single-payer" (Soviet style) "free" rationed health care for everyone but the Washington elite (who will always go right to the front of the line, just like in Moscow); ever more federal restriction of "greenhouse gas emissions" (including carbon dioxide) to fight minimal (or more likely entirely mythical) "man-made global warming."