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Epic Media Failure, but they blame Trump for calling them out


Even if the news is dripping with errors, boiling with bias, and presenting a false narrative, it is important to trust them.

That's what media outlets are saying in response to multiple melt-downs this week. They just can't seem to get the facts straight… or stop themselves from lying.

Obviously, Trump is going to call them out on this. Is anyone surprised?

But some people think this is a threat to free speech.

Adam Serwer of The Atlantic was among those who pointed out that a head of state "publicly calling for a journalist to be fired is a textbook threat to freedom of speech."

Incorrect. If Trump called for government regulations allowing them to fire journalists for "fake news" THAT would be a textbook example of a threat to free speech.

But Trump didn't say that. Trump's issue was with a Washington Post journalist who tweeted a photo of a half-empty stadium before a Trump rally in Pensacola on Friday. The only problem… the photo was taken hours before the rally, and by the time the rally started, the stadium was packed.

This "journalist" was caught red-handed spinning a false narrative about how popular Trump is. That isn't someone that should be trusted to deliver ubiased real informative news. Yet if Trump didn't call him out, he likely would have kept the photo up. That is literally reporting fake news. The journalist says Trump is so unpopular that his speeches are empty. The truth is that his speeches are full.

The Axios article admits that many media outlets have made extreme blunders, yet seems to brush these aside because journalism is so important. But if it is so important, then brushing these things aside is the LAST thing we should do.

Three media screw-ups in eight days on one investigation. The bad week for big news has President Trump feeling that he has moved the "fake news" argument from the fringe to the conservative mainstream, according to close Trump associates.

Why it matters: The mistakes — ABC's Brian Ross on Michael Flynn's plea, financial outlets on a Mueller subpoena of bank records, and CNN on an email about WikiLeaks — give Trump fodder for one of his favorite, and most damaging, tropes.