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Pharma Dogs Hunt Down Vaccine Disruptors in California


"Anti-Vaxxers Have Found a Way Around California's Strict New Immunization Law. They Need to Be Stopped." This hostile and derogatory headline was published in the Los Angeles Times November 8.1 The "loophole" they're referring to is the use of medical vaccine exemptions written by physicians.

According to this editorial, no more than 3 percent of children "should reasonably" qualify for a medical exemption to avoid vaccination, yet parents of more than 10 percent of school-aged children enrolled at 58 California schools in the fall of 2016 had obtained a medical exemption written by a physician, allowing their children to attend school without every dose of every state-mandated vaccine.

"The new law — SB 2772 — pushed up the statewide immunization numbers to a safe level overall. But dozens of schools have reported suspiciously high numbers of medical exemptions that, if left unchecked, could endanger their communities,"the LA Times editorial board writes.

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God forbid we have freedom of health care in America. Fewer people are willing to sit in the back of the bus or get in the cattle car to the showers. We the People have had enough of the impostors of our government. We are standing up to tyranny. The pitchforks are here.