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From Shakespeare-For-Dogs To Digital-Puppets...

•, Tyler Durden

And, just like last year, the 2017 report on "Federal Fumbles" is filled with truly infuriating examples of government waste that are sure to get your blood are a couple of examples:

First up is a $30,000 grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Arts for a play, dubbed "Doggie Hamlet" by Lankford, that entailed a group of "artists" running around a field in New Hampshire apparently taunting a group of presumably very confused sheep.

As evidenced in previous editions of Federal Fumbles, the American public's love for William Shakespeare has sometimes translated into unusual and unnecessary federal expenditures. For instance, tens of thousands were spent to support a production of Silent Shakespeare in 2015. However, the strangeness of those fumbles pales in comparison to a $30,000 NEA grant to support a production of Doggie Hamlet.