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Will Americans Die Young Enough To Save Pension Plans?

• by Doug French

Laurie Meisler writes,

New Jersey, Kentucky and Illinois continue to lose ground and now have only about one third of the money they need to pay retirement benefits. And three states had double-digit declines in their pension funding ratios in the past year: Colorado, Oregon and Minnesota - though some of this can be attributed to actuarial changes in the way pension liabilities are calculated.

Nevada PERs is thinking about making a change, from assuming 8% investment returns to 7.5%. The higher the assumed rate, the less future beneficiaries have to contribute.  And, ultimately, Sean Whaley writes for the LVRJ,

The assumptions are used to ensure the solvency of the plan over the long term for the approximately 105,000 active members and 54,000 retired and disabled members. Because the public retirement plan is a defined benefit plan where retirees get a fixed monthly pension, taxpayers are ultimately responsible for its fiscal health.

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