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A Massacre Takes 26 Lives In A Texas Church

•, by Shorty Dawkins

It is reported that a neighbor, hearing the gunfire at the church, chased him away with a rifle, whereupon the neighbor and another man chased after him in a high speed auto chase, until Kelly lost control of his vehicle. The neighbor who fired on Kelly with his rifle caused Kelly to run, saving many lives. He is a hero, and an example of what an armed citizenry must be prepared to do when confronted with evil.

Apparently no one inside the church was armed, else the death toll would have been far lower.

Some would call Devin Patrick Kelly sick. I call him evil. His youngest victim was 5 years old, and his oldest victim was 72. One of the women he shot was pregnant.

Will it happen again? Possibly, and for that reason, we the people must always be ready to confront the evil that exists.

Stewart Rhodes, (Founder and President of Oath Keepers), in a comment he made on our website, pointed out that it is our duty, as citizens, to always be armed and ready to confront evil.