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How Insurance Companies Could Easily Replace Government

• The Daily Bell

Government is a big insurance company. Except you can't shop elsewhere for insurance. And their price is super high. And they threaten you if you don't want to pay them. And the services they deliver are sub-par for the price. And you can't itemize your "insurance" to only include the products you need. And often just when you need them most, you find out how incompetent, corrupt, and overall ineffective they are at ensuring you against anything.

Just look at Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Governments play politics with awarding repair projects, while the majority of the island is still left without power. Daddy Yankee was a bigger help than FEMA.

And because the government really doesn't deliver on their promise of keeping people safe and coming to their aid, people still turn to private companies. People still find it in their best interest to use some of the 50% of their income left after the government plunders the rest to purchase insurance.

You pay property taxes, and these go to support indoctrination centers also known as public schools. They pay for local roads, local traffic enforcers, and firefighters. But these services are collectivized. The firefighters aren't really there to save your home, they are there to keep the whole town from burning down.

Firefighters are likely some of the most dedicated public employees. The ones I have met often go into the profession for the right reasons, and take seriously their commitment to saving lives. Many are even volunteers. But still, they can only show up after they have been called. Many bravely rescue people from serious situations. But rarely is a structure saved.

That is where private insurance comes in. You purchase private home insurance so that in the event that your home burns down, you don't lose all the money that has gone into it. But some companies go above and beyond when you purchase insurance from them.

Increasingly, insurance carriers are finding wildfires, such as those in California, are an opportunity to provide protection beyond what most people get through publicly funded fire fighting. Some insurers say they typically get new customers when homeowners see the special treatment received by neighbors during big fires.

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