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The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War


It makes me just want to come up screaming with what the media get away with twisting facts to suit their personal agenda. This is a very well-written, well-documented and FACTUAL book. Recommended for anyone who wants to know the truth.

–Brion McClanahan, Ph.D. in American History, University of South Carolina:

"The only way this idiosyncratic take on the wa-wuh could be any better is if we'd won. Even Harry Crocker couldn't do that, but he has written a witty book full of history and insight. If I'd ever gotten around to joining the United Daughters of the Confederacy, I bet my chapter would thank With the way history is constantly being revised and re-written, it is refreshing to just get the facts, without a lot of looking-through-the-rear-view-mirror. him. Yankees will enjoy it, too."

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