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Greenwald: Journalists Rewarded for Publishing Russia-Trump Collusion Fake News

•, Daily Caller

Carlson asked, "You and I don't agree on a lot of issues, but I think we share the same concern about this story, American journalists are being manipulated for whatever reason by the intelligence community in the United States, and I'm wondering why after years of having this happen to American journalists, they are allowing this to happen again."

Greenwald answered, "That's the thing I would refrain that a little bit. I don't actually think so much that journalists are the victims in the sense of that formulation of how much they are being manipulated. At best we can say is they are willingly and eagerly being manipulated. What you see is over and over they publish really inflammatory stories that turn out to be totally false and what happens in most cases? Nothing. They get enormous benefits when they publish it recklessly."

He added, "They get applause on social media from their peers, they get zillions of retweets, huge amounts of traffic, they end up on TV. They get applauded across the spectrum because people are so giddy and eager to hear more about this Russia and Trump story and if one their stories gets completely debunked–everybody agrees to ignore it and everyone moves on and they pay no price. At the same time, they are feeling and pleasing their sources by publishing the sources that the sources want them to publish. There's huge amounts of career benefits and reputational benefits and very little cost when they publish stories that end up being debunked because the narrative they are serving as a popular one, at least within their peer circles."