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If only we had a real left-wing instead of poseurs who suck their thumbs and lie


A few ignorant morons, claiming to be liberal/progressive/left, have sent emails claiming that all of the authors whose works I listed are Nazis and Hitler-lovers. Nothing could be further from the truth. What these brainwashed morons are demonstrating is their contemptible moral, intellectual and spiritual weakness. Lies are the very substance of their lives.

Here is a BBC film telling the identical story that Irving, Goodrich, Bacque, Zayas and many others told. So now my weak-minded dumbshit liberal/progressive/left correspondants will say the British BBC is a collection of White Supremacists and Hitler appologists. Yes, of course, the British fought in order that the BBC could praise Nazis.

How can we respect people who are so fearful of truth that they run from it as fast as they can.