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Millennials launch "Tour Against Cruelty".....

• by Francis Bloomfield

Staff members from The Humane League and volunteers are traveling across the country to hold demonstrations near selected restaurants and pass around informative leaflets on the hardships endured by factory farm chickens. All of this is for the crusade they've called the "Tour Against Cruelty", itself a part of the much-larger 88% Campaign.

In addition to awareness, the group aims to promote accountability among companies and poultry farms. They've set their sights on Carl's Jr. and Hardee's in particular, two subsidiaries of CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc. According to the official Tour Against Cruelty website, the chickens raised for Carl's Jr. and Hardee's "suffer some of the worst abuses."

Farms affiliated with the company were stated to slaughter their chickens through inhumane methods, which include electrocuting, scalding, and slitting the chickens' throats while still fully conscious.