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Identitarian movement


The Identitarian movement is an international movement that advocates the preservation of national identity and a return to 'traditional western values'.[citation needed] It started in France in 2002 as a conservative youth movement deriving from the French Nouvelle Droite (New Right) Génération Identitaire. Initially the youth wing of the anti-immigrant, conservative Bloc Identitaire, it has taken on its own identity and is largely classified as a separate entity altogether with the intent of spreading across Europe.

The group is described as being part of the counter-jihad movement.[1]

In Europe[edit]

The main Identitarian youth movement is Génération identitaire in France, a youth wing of the Bloc identitaire party.

In Scandinavia, identitarianism was introduced by the now inactive organisation Nordiska Förbundet (the Nordic Alliance),[citation needed] which initiated the online encyclopedia Metapedia.[2] It then mobilised a number of "independent activist groups" similar to their French counterparts, among them Reaktion Östergötland and Identitet Väst, who performed a number of political actions, marked by a certain degree of civil disobedience. A 24-page first manifesto, aimed at defining the identitarian movement in Northern Europe, was published as Identitet och Metapolitik.[3]

The origin of the Italian chapter "Generazione Identitaria" dates back to 2012[4].