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Richard Branson's Private Blockchain Summit Begins on Necker Island


This week Sir Richard Branson and the Bitfury Group are hosting another 'exclusive' bitcoin and blockchain retreat on Branson's private Necker Island. The third annual Blockchain Summit will feature a host of cryptocurrency and blockchain industry luminaries for three days.

The Cryptocurrency and Blockchain 'Elite' Gather on Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island This Week

Sir Richard Branson – founder of the company Virgin Group and a well-known bitcoin proponent is once again hosting his exclusive blockchain party on Necker Island. The private event has made headlines many times over the years for being called the "Bitcoin Illuminati," for not inviting enough female entrepreneurs, the launch of the Blockchain Trust Accelerator, and the summit also witnessed the creation of the law enforcement friendly "Blockchain Alliance." This year's Blockchain Summit on Necker Island started on Tuesday, July 25 and will end on Saturday, July 29.

Richard Branson's Private Blockchain Summit Begins on Necker Island

Sir Richard Branson hosts the third annual Blockchain Summit at his private Necker Island.

Using the Technology for the Greater Good

This year's summit is sponsored by Bitfury, Credit China Fintech, and venture capitalist Bill Tai. Further, there will be many special guests in attendance at the 2017 summit, like Greek Parliament member Eva Kaili, the Digital Citizens Fund founder Roya Mahboob, and former Estonian president Toomas Ilves.