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"May The Bursting Of The Student Loan Bubble Commence!"

• by Antonius Aquinas

The inevitable collapse of the student loan "market" and with it the take-down of many higher educational institutions will be one of the happiest and much needed events to look forward to in the coming months/years.  Whether the student loan bubble bursts on its own or implodes due to a general economic collapse, does not matter as long as higher education is dealt a death blow and can no longer be a conduit of socialist and egalitarian nonsense for the inculcation of young minds.

The perilous condition of the student loan sector can be seen by looking at a few ominous pieces of data:

The US has around $1.3 trillion in non-dischargeable loans to students

Over 120 billion in student loans are already in default

27% of students are a month behind on their payments*

As economic conditions deteriorate and there are even less meaningful jobs for college graduates than there are now, these numbers will only get worse.

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Comment by Ed Price
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The Government took a big gamble handing out student loans, especially in these later years. The gamble wasn’t that many of the students might not be able to repay. The gamble was that the student’s wouldn’t find out how to beat Government in court, rather easily. In every case where someone takes another to court, the accuser must get on the stand and testify how he was harmed or damaged. The exception is when the accused doesn’t require it. Government is paper. It can’t get on the stand and require anything when the accused requires it. Gov loses. See