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Walmart Is An Instrument of the Deep State Where All Workers Will Become Slaves

• by Dave Hodges

They represent the business of the future should the Deep State ever fully emerge and fully take over the day-t0-day operations of the running a government.

Here are what some Common Sense Show listeners/viewers say about Walmart:

Worked for them ..they always have abused their employees not to mention the indoctrination when you open a new store~ "wal-mart cheer". said ad nauseam shaming employees to pay into Miracle Children's Network not complying with scheduling agreements it's forced labor camps disguised as a "job" I hate wal-mart and have stopped shopping there.

It's not just about Walmart.. that's the least of the problem. Salary at 8 or 10 dollars an hour is pathetic!!! We are we accepting that? With the cost of living and the way we work , we should be able to pay rent, car payment, utilities, groceries and medical insurance with any full time job because if we had decent people running the government that would be possible. With taxes and interest we have been screwed!

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