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Socialist? More like a Capitalist: Bernie Sanders Pockets More Than $1 Million in 2016

•, By: Joseph Jankowski

Sanders' socialistic rhetoric struck a chord with millennials who are very open to the idea of mass wealth redistribution and higher taxes. Surveys from last year show that up to 43 percent of Americans under 30 had a favorable view of socialism.

Well, it turns out that Bernie, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, is actually quite the capitalist.

According to his latest U.S. Senate financial disclosure, Sanders made a killing in 2016 from royalties on his book "Our Revolution" and his forthcoming "Bernie Sanders' Guide to Political Revolution."

So, while spending months speaking about a rigged economy where the 1% of earners are the only beneficiaries of the governmental system, it turns out that Bernie himself was making 1%'er level income.

According to statistical data from the Internal Revenue Services, the top 1% had an adjusted gross income of $465,626 or higher for the 2014 tax year.

If ever enacted, the tax plan Sanders ran his 2016 presidential campaign on would have forced the Senator to surrender over 45% of his income in taxes.