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Weak Paris Agreement Commitments are already mostly on track to not be kept


What are the commitments made by 184 countries related to the Paris Agreement on the environment ?

Developed countries have offered absolute economy-wide emissions targets (the United States, for instance, had pledged to reduce its emissions 26-28 percent from 2005 levels by 2025).

If fully implemented, the submitted INDCs for 2025 and 2030 are projected to lead to a warming of around 2.7°C by 2100 reflecting a 0.4°C improvement on the situation in December 2014, where only announcements for 2030 and pledges for 2020 were available.

Compared to the 3.6°C by 2100 warming that is projected to result from current policies the INDCs submitted lower warming by about 0.9°C

There is still a large emissions gap in 2025 and, to stay below 2°C, the gap is 11-13 GtCO2e.

What is the difference between fully meeting the promises versus business as usual ?
Full promises met 53-56 billion ton of CO2 per year in 2030 versus no projection with no agreement 58 to 61 billion tons of CO2.