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Man convicted over Facebook 'likes' in defamation case


On Monday, a Zurich district courtexternal link found the 45-year-old defendant guilty of defamation. The Zurich man had accused Erwin Kessler, the president of the animal protection organisation "Verein gegen Tierfabrikenexternal link" and his association online of racism and anti-Semitism. 

The defendant had also liked six Facebook posts from other people that contained the inflammatory content, also commenting on and linking to several of the posts. 

The comments were made in 2015 during discussions on various Facebook groups about which animal welfare groups should be allowed to take part in a large vegan street festival, the Tages Anzeiger newspaper reported.

The court said the inflammatory Facebook posts were unjustifiable. According to Judge Catherine Gerwig, such defamatory statements on the social media network violated Kessler's honour.