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Texas lawmaker claims your child "belongs to the state" and can be forcibly vaccinated


(Natural News) Lawmakers in Texas have been attempting to restructure many of the laws governing Child Protective Services in the state, since children have been falling through holes in the system and being permanently damaged in the process. One of the proposed bills under consideration is House Bill 39, introduced by Representative Gene Wu (D-Houston). This bill would push for children taken into the foster care system to receive medical examinations more quickly – within three days for those in urban areas, and within no more than seven days for those in rural areas.

While the bill would seem fairly straightforward on the surface, it ran into a snag when lawmakers started debating whether these routine medical exams would include vaccinations. Rep. Bill Zedler (R-Arlington) of the Texas Freedom Caucus proposed an amendment to the bill which would exclude vaccines from the required treatments. He raised the issue that children could potentially receive vaccines or other medical interventions, including surgery, and then in some instances be returned to their parents a few days later if the Department of Family Protective Services had made a mistake.

Rep. Wu's firm response has caused great concern among many, because it reflects his true feelings both about vaccinations and the rights of parents.

"Let me make it very clear," he said. "The moment a child is removed from their home – the moment the child is removed – by law, the child is now a child of the state of Texas. We have the responsibility to make sure that child is safe and is given proper medical care. That is the law. [Emphasis added]