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Are nuclear attack drills held in NYC and Washington, D.C. organized out of fear of ...

• by: JD Heyes

Their curiosity and fears were further stoked Wednesday by an unusual event: The Trump administration's top military, intelligence and national security chiefs provided a top secret brief to the entire 100-member U.S. Senate regarding the current situation with North Korea, as more U.S. military assets including a THAAD missile defense system, an aircraft carrier battle group and a cruise-missile carrying submarine, the USS Michigan, deployed to the Korean peninsula.

While tensions between Washington and Pyongyang have been increasing for weeks, one senior Republican U.S. senator who has been a frequent critic of President Donald J. Trump nevertheless has expressed a renewed faith in his leadership following a dinner meeting Tuesday in which he said he now believes the president is serious about preventing North Korea from developing nuclear weapons and the ICBMs to deliver them. (Related: Read North Korea's Nuclear Test Shocks The World.)

"If I were North Korea, I would not underestimate President Trump's resolve to stop them from getting a missile to hit our homeland," he told reporters.