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Shocking list reveals 200 organizations and political front groups funded by the ...


(Natural News) Marxist billionaire George Soros may be the most hated figure among the American Right and constitutionalists and populists who love their country. His continued efforts to organize and fund Left-wing groups whose only goal is to undermine U.S. democracy and especially the Trump administration has drawn the ire of tens of millions of Americans, many of whom believe he ought to be arrested and tried for treason or sedition (since he is an American citizen).

Writing at, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, highlighted some 200 groups that are fully or partially funded by the Soros financial empire, through his Open Society Foundation. A partial list of them, as researched and identified by Freedom Outpost, include:

— Air America: This self-described far-Left radio network was supposed to challenge the likes of talk radio giants Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Michael Savage and others for airwave supremacy. But instead, it was launched (with great fanfare and free coverage in the Marxist "mainstream" media), floundered, then failed and is now nothing but a bad memory for liberals. (RELATED: George Soros Should Be Arrested And Charged With Inciting Riots For Financing Protests)

— America's Voice: This organization supports open borders and limitless immigration, which aims to dilute and supplant American culture and traditions with those of scores of other nationalities, thereby effectively destroying American culture and our constitutional heritage.

— America Coming Together: This bizarrely named organization actually seeks to keep Americans divided by pushing a singular political ideology – the Marxism of the Democratic Party – under the cover of a Democrat voter-mobilization effort.

— The American Civil Liberties Union: This group of activist lawyers has never met a far-Left political agenda it didn't fight to support, even those that undermined basic constitutional protections and liberties like freedom of speech, assembly and religion.

— Campaign for America's Future: The only future this Soros-funded organization envisions is one consisting of far-Left Marxist authoritarianism. It supports tax increases (on the "wealthy," of course), and Obamacare on steroids (single-payer socialized medicine) – all run by the government.

— Center for American Progress: Far-Left Marxist Democrats love to call themselves "progressives," as if to imply their ideology moves America forward, so always be leery of any group with some derivative of the word "progress" in it. This is actually a regressive organization, as it seeks to return Americans to the form of top-down, authoritarian, single-figure government that our founders escaped and that practically every other civilization in history to that point had suffered under.

— Center for Reproductive Rights: This is a pro-abortion, abortion-on-demand-no-matter-the-stage-of-development organization. Period.