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LIFE ON THE HIGH SEAS Incredible pics reveal plans for 460ft luxury superyacht...

•, By Amanda Devlin

AN ambitious designer has drawn up plans for an airship-carrying superyacht.

The aptly named 'Dare to Dream' yacht would be built to facilitate the transportation of a 330ft airship.

It would be tethered to the sprawling deck of the 460ft long vessel and supplied with helium by the mother ship and called The Flying Diamond.

Images of the bizarre creation show the boat will also have a helipad if the owner wanted to use a more modern form of aerial transportation.

The modern design of the yacht is in stark contrast to the antiquated aircraft above.

Its design is reminiscent of the US navy's recently commissioned £6billion Zumwalt-class destroyer.

Below deck, plans for which are yet to be fully revealed, Dare to Dream would boast space for 12 guests and 40 crew.