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US Just Admitted "ISIS HQ" They Blew Up Was Actually an Innocent Family's Home

•,By Claire Bernish

Five-hundred fifty-eight days after targeting an ostensive headquarters of the Islamic State in Mosul, Iraq, the United States finally admitted to bombing a family home and killing a university professor and three family members, wounding at least two more — even though the coalition suspected mere hours after the attack the ill-begotten mission had snuffed out the lives of an innocent family.

Overnight from September 20 through 21, the U.S.-led coalition carried out an airstrike against a family home — putatively believed to be a strategic Islamic State target — killing four members of the Rezzo family and wounding others on scene.

Airwars reports"University professor Mohannad Rezzo; his 17-year old son Najib Mohannad Rezzo; his brother Bassim's wife Miyada Rezzo and their 21-year old daughter Tuka Rezzo" perished together, as bombs intended for Islamic State leaders instead heedlessly destroyed a family.

But, unironically, it took until April Fool's Day 2017 for U.S. officials to concede the coalition's heinous error.