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'The cabinet of broken Republican dreams': Stephen Colbert eviscerates Trump's healthcar


tephen Colbert on Tuesday issued a brutal takedown of Donald Trump's failure to push through a plan repeal and replace Obamacare, noting that despite the weight of the White House behind the bill, the GOP had to add it to the "cabinet of broken Republican dreams."

"The White House tried to get this thing through," Colbert said during his opening monologue on the Late Show. "They sort of tried to swing their balls at members of the conservative Freedom Caucus who were resisting this."

Colbert noted Trump sent in administration heavyweights, including "White House adviser—and preexisting condition—Steve Bannon" who told the Freedom Caucus, "this is not a discussion, this is not a debate."

Still, Colbert noted, the party was not able to get the bill through.

"So, it's a failure," Colbert said. "Who does Trump blame for this failure?" The Late Show host rolled footage of the president blaming Democrats for the loss, arguing they weren't able to secure enough votes because they couldn't get help from the opposition party.

??"Not enough votes to get a majority," Colbert said. "Well, that didn't stop you from becoming president."

Noting that the "one person Donald Trump did not blame" happened to be Donald Trump himself, Colbert played footage of the president insisting he "never said" he'd repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act in 64 days.

"That's right, Trump never said he'd repeal Obamacare in 64 days," Colbert concurred, before playing a supercut of the president promising to "immediately" replace his predecessor's signature healthcare plan.?

"Technically he did not fail on Friday, he failed two months ago," Colbert said.?

Watch the video below, via CBS:

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