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Genetic Screening in the New World Order


As James Evan Pilato and I reported on this week's edition of New World Next Week, American workers participating in "workplace wellness programs" may have to submit to genetic screening or face tough penalties if a new bill making its way through Congress is passed.

Judging from the response to this story (even in the establishment fake news media), people are not going to shrug this off as just another inconvenience of modern life. In recent years the Overton window has opened wide enough for all manner of unthinkable intrusions on our privacy—from smart TVs that spy on you to cars that can be hacked, monitored and controlled from afar—to become mere background noise on the nightly news.

But our genetic code, it seems, is the final frontier of privacy. People still understand that handing over their genetic information to employers and nameless third parties is a bad idea, even if they can't quite put their finger on why they find it so creepy.

But for those versed in the dark and occulted history of the eugenics movement, the creepiness is not difficult to explain. Genetic screening of the "human livestock" has been the driving passion for generations of eugenicists, and now that it is within their reach their plans for the "purification" of the gene pool can begin.

If the eugenicists have their way, "genocide" is about to become a reality in the most literal sense of that word.