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Gisha: Gaza's Infrastructure on Verge of Collapse, Time is Running out


The report by Gisha, 'Hand on the Switch: Who's Responsible for Gaza's Infrastructure Crisis?', claims to offer "an extensive and sobering review of the state of Gaza's energy, water and communications infrastructure" (the full report can be read here).

Gisha also "parcels out the responsibilities of all relevant actors and shares expert opinions for immediate solutions that could stave off collapse and promote reconstruction and development."

The NGO notes how, "even in the best of circumstances, Gaza residents receive continuous supply of electricity for no more than eight hours per day, water is undrinkable, untreated sewage flows to the sea, and Gaza's cellular communications are stuck several generations behind."

'Hand on the Switch' outlines how responsibility for the current situation is divided among the actors involved – Israel, the authorities in Ramallah and in Gaza, Egypt and the international community.