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CDC whistleblowers come forward over ethics issues

•, by: Vicki Batts

The heroic group goes by the acronym CDC SPIDER, the latter half of which stands for Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research.

In their accusatory letter, the CDC SPIDER group wrote to Carmen S. Villar, Chief of Staff at the CDC, and a copy was sent to the renowned watchdog organization, US Right To Know (USRTK).

"We are a group of scientists at CDC that are very concerned about the current state of ethics at our agency. It appears that our mission is being influenced and shaped by outside parties and rogue interests. It seems that our mission and Congressional intent for our agency is being circumvented by some of our leaders. What concerns us most, is that it is becoming the norm and not the rare exception."

The letter goes on to note that several senior management officials are clearly aware of what is transpiring and continue to remain silent, merely turning a blind eye and acting as if these unacceptable practices aren't taking place. The CDC SPIDER group states that some of these officials even encourage these practices.