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French Presidential Hopeful Fillon Challenges Merkel on Russia, Immigration, Turkey:

• by Mish

Regardless who wins the French presidential election in May, Angela Merkel may have a tough go of maintaining Franco-German solidarity.

Please consider François Fillon Urges Angela Merkel to Soften Stance on Russia.

François Fillon has urged Angela Merkel to soften her position towards Russia and harden her policies on migration, as France's presidential frontrunner flew to Berlin for the first time since his victory in French centre-right primaries.

Speaking on Monday after meeting the German chancellor, Mr Fillon insisted on the need to restore better relations with Russian president Vladimir Putin, saying it would help to eradicate the Islamist terror threat to France and Germany rooted in war-torn Syria.

Mr Fillon said he opposed Brussels' plan to spread refugees from the Middle East and Africa across the EU to share the burden of an unprecedented migration to Europe.