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NATO Report Blames Russia for Populism Worldwide

•, by Jason Ditz

A new report from NATO is following a narrative trend which began in the US and has since spread across Western Europe, accusing Russia of being to blame for the rise of populism worldwide, as an effort to undermine NATO and the European Union.

This report blames Russia for the election of Donald Trump in November, as well as last summer's Brexit vote, in which Britain decided to withdraw from the European Union. It goes on to blame them for growing anti-EU movements in several other union nations, and for improving polling numbers in Germany and France for Euroskeptic parties.

This fits into the hysteria surrounding "fake news" in recent months, with the idea that Russia is to blame for the rise in alternative media outlets which are not as supportive of the idea of globalism. The "anti-globalism" idea positioned the defeat of Hillary Clinton in the US election as the fall of Western liberalism, putative a long-standing Russian priority.

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