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Here Are 5 Psyop Tactics Being Employed to Get You to NOT Look At PizzaGate


As we have seen in what appears to be an easily verifiable occult pedophilia ring revealed by Wikileaks in the John Podesta emails, a lot can be revealed very quickly to the human race. We have also now observed, as I mentioned many times in previous articles, that the ruling elite can and will respond to newly revealed knowledge with tactics of their own. Some more effective than others. Anyone paying attention to real news developments and the mainstream media's reaction to this news by now is realizing we are living in historic times and we should not miss a beat in the strategies being employed on both sides lest we ourselves become deceived. Unfortunately, the signs of deception are all around us but I intend to show readers that truth is simple and self evident. Truth itself does not require you to pay attention to "mainstream media news" or even supposed "leaders" in the alternative media, some who themselves are beginning to sound like mainstream media, to tell you what trut