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WAR OF WORDS Russia mocks Britain's tank drills...


RUSSIA has laughed off Britain's war game tank drills and warned: 'That's nothing compared to the real thing.'

Brit troops used old Polish tanks in what is believed to be a practise drill recreating a Russian invasion of Eastern Europe.

But strongman president Vladimir Putin and his cronies were not cowed by the show of strength.

The Russian embassy in London tweeted: "Large-scale British exercises near Salisbury: imitation fight vs Polish-assembled T72s as a poor replacement for real stuff."

The Russian-built tanks were snapped rolling through the British countryside during the Wiltshire drills yesterday.

The incredibly realistic British Army exercise executed the chilling scenario of President Vladimir Putin's forces invading Estonia, according to Army sources.

The drill, which was based on Russia's 2014 invasion of eastern Ukraine, is one of the most realistic war games ever staged and the pictures show incredibly life-like tank battles on the Salisbury Plain.

Some of the 800 troops due to be deployed early next year to support Nato forces in the Baltic states took part in mock battle.