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The WikiLeaks twitter made several cryptic "pre-commitment" tweets several hours before announcing Julian Assange's internet was cut. Since then, we have received no definitive proof of life, just recycled pictures and videos, statements from people saying things like, "I've seen him, he's fine," then a call-in to an obscure South America open source conference where Julian didn't seem to always be responding to the person asking questions, and most recently a video interview with John Pilger that had no establishing shot of both of them in frame and is edited at numerous points.

5 signs Julian Assange is dead or missing (video). (alternate)


/r/WhereIsAssange is asking for an unedited video proof of life, preferably with a newspaper showing the current date, and a signed PGP statement using the Wikileaks Editorial Board public key that has been published since 4/2015 (matching the PGP fingerprint listed on the WikiLeaks twitter bio).

How you can help:

Hit up @wikileaks on twitter and ask them what's up with Julian and why they haven't provided verifiable proof of life. Use #WhereIsAssange, #WhereIsJulian, and #ProofOfLife. Make sure to include @WhereIsAssange and we'll try to RT it. Call and email media and ask them to write about this. If you're an Ecuadorian citizen who is in the London area, please PM me. Subscribe to /r/WhereIsAssange and contribute in the threads (after reading the rules, of course). Join our discord channel.

I will include some links below to help you get up to speed. There have been a number of theories and falsehoods come up over the past month. It's best to remain skeptical and verify everything to the best of your abilities.

A brief primer (backup).

Timelines: 2, 3, 4

Alternate investigations:

/r/wikileaks, /r/dncleaks, /r/pizzagate (closed by reddit admins), /r/CivilianInvestigators

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