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Email leaks: Top government positions were SOLD to those who funneled money to the DNC


(NaturalNews) Meet Matthew Barzun, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom and Sweden. Barzun bought his ambassadorship, paying more than $3.5 million to the DNC and Obama's Organizing for Action nonprofit from 8-21-2009 to the present. This is how the government has been operating under Obama; globalists are paying large sums to take up roles in the U.S. government in order to carry out their own agendas. The same sort of corruption occurred through the Clinton Foundation. After Hillary was appointed secretary of state, foreign donors gave to the foundation only to gain favors in return.

Countless ambassadorships and top government positions sold under Obama

Matthew Barzun isn't the only one buying his way into the government. In fact, a new leak by WikiLeaks reveals that at least 24 top government positions were appointed based on donor status. Over 55 pledgers to Obama scrambled to donate large sums of money to buy positions within the government. Tony West paid over a million dollars to be appointed deputy attorney general on March 9, 2012, the very same day his money was recorded in the DNC's ledger. Charlie Rivkin pledged over 2.5 million to Obama's "nonprofit" in exchange for swiftly becoming assistant secretary of state and ambassador to France. Robert Roche pledged over 1 million to Obama, and was quickly put on the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy.

The Wiki leak reveals that most ambassadors to foreign nations were purchased. Other countries take advantage of this and can easily purchase ambassadorships within the U.S. government so that they can negotiate insider deals with their respective countries. This is how the U.S. people have been ripped off. The U.S. citizen just gets taxed more so other countries can run off with the money. The U.S. people are left with nothing but the change, crumbling infrastructure, and sadly, the poor are hurt the most. If the democratic party wants to talk about income inequality, let's start with how the rich bought their way into the government and took more money from everyone else, auctioning off our future.

This Wiki leak makes clear to the U.S. people why Obama's foreign policy and trade deals were brazenly incompetent and against the interests of the United States. It's all because the Obama administration gave favors to foreign countries and sold away top positions and ambassadorships within the government. As a matter of history, Obama and Clinton will always be remembered for shipping weapons and money to the Middle East, and will always be responsible in some way for strengthening the insurgency of ISIS and radical Islam ideology around the world.

Obama and Clinton have dismantled the republic upon which the U.S. was founded

A government that was originally founded as a republic, bound by the rule of law, has become an intricate network of wealthy power seekers who think that they are above the law, because they have bought their way into power positions in the government. As the republic has dismantled, so has democracy. The voice of the people is shut out and gagged, as the top payers get what they want.

Under President Barack Obama, the U.S. government has become a nation of, by, and for whomever can pay the most to play leadership roles. Under President Barack Obama, the Democratic Party has become more like a globalist oligarchy, auctioning off top positions to whomever can pay for them.