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Legal tax reduction tactics that everyone should be taking advantage of

• by Simon Black

I unequivocally believe that I have a moral obligation to reduce my taxes to the lowest level possible.

It's not about Maseratis and private yachts (I drive a Volvo and get seasick easily).

I've slashed my taxes because I know that tax dollars pay for some of the most vile, immoral things imaginable.

Drone strikes on children's hospitals. Illegal wars that benefit a few defense contractors and oil companies. A gigantic police state that makes people less free every day.

All of this is paid for with your taxes.

In addition to the morality issue is the extraordinary waste that comes with government spending.

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Comment by PureTrust
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To me, the best income tax strategy is, fill out a W-4 with your employer, with n/a in all the boxes, except line 7. I write "EXEMPT" on line 7. Then I sign it "non-assumpsit" (no contract). I haven't been required to file a 1040 for years, but if I were, I would fill it out n/a on all the lines, and sign it like I did for the W-4. If the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ever took me to court on it, I would require that the man/woman who knew for a fact how much I earned or owed, get on the stand and say it under oath or affirmation, in a court of record. They won't, because none of them know. Learn the Karl Lentz methods. Google and Youtube search on "Karl Lentz common law."

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