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Now you can turn your phone into a ballistic HUD with Desert Tech's TRASOL

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Via Desert Tech:

By using your mobile device's built-in camera and onboard sensors, TRASOL allows users to point their device at their
target and automatically generate absolute accuracy solutions.

The HUD environment has highly intuitive drag and drop tools
for quick input of Range and Wind (without any typing) and the device's sensors do the rest.  The HUD also allows tracking of moving targets to provide very accurate lead solutions.
Lastly, the photo/video capturing capability allows you to
log your shots easily and share them with your friends.

A) Heads-Up Display technology

B) Auto-sensing technology

C) Moving target tracking

D) Photo/video capturing with image zoom

E) Photo/video sharing

The ability to track a moving target and provide lead solutions is very interesting.  I have a Newcon rangefinder with this capability, but it is purely for spotter use as there's no way I can manipulate a long range rifle while holding it.  The rangefinder is also far more expensive than Desert Tech's app which is a very reasonable $9.99.  TRASOL doesn't quite approach Trackingpoint's capability, but it's nice to see a HUD capability within ballistic apps.