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UN Envoy: Support for Libya 'Unity Govt' Crumbling

•, Jason Ditz

11 days ago, the United States began bombing Libya as part of a request of the UN-backed "unity government," one of several would-be governments in the country. Though the US has touted the military progress of this move, UN envoy to Libya Martin Kobler has warned that the limited support for the unity government is "crumbling," with the public increasingly unwilling to back what was a few months ago touted as the best bet at unifying the country.

Kobler noted that claims of 95% support for the new government's plans were long gone, saying the currency had dramatically weakened, and power outages in the capital city of Tripoli have grown dramatically since that time. The unity government has limited territory within Tripoli, as one of two extent governments in that city alone. Still, that things have gotten progressively worse during their brief existence doesn't inspire confidence.